The Simulation Hypothesis

Food for thought: From a distance, the Universe seems continuous—flesh, bone, metal, etc. The closer you get to the fundamental particles, it appears discrete and obeys rules that we keep discovering over time. It’s quite a set of rules, actually.

Who is the “CPU” behind the various expressions of resolution? Who wrote the program? Who contains the energy to compile and run these simulations and provide dimensional caches for your non-physical mind to explore, question and even influence?

If the Universe is more like a digital expression than previous imagined, does it mean that anything within the Universe can be resurrected by reloading its program? Who decides if someone is re-expressed in such a scenario?

If there is a “Programmer,” an intelligent designer who would be philosophically equivalent to a deity, and you can’t observe them because you are in the simulation and they are not, it puts them outside the realm of science in a reasonable manner. It doesn’t make that Being unreal or utterly unknowable, rather it reveals that Being as transcendent. What does this imply about a God who is willing to invade our reality in a meat suit so that we might know Him in a particularly familiar way so that particular accomplishments might be effected within that incarnation? That would be an interesting and valuable gift, no? It would be a novel condescension and an act of love if the end result displayed a final defeat of death and a down payment on an even fuller set of promises that only a deity can invoke and fulfill.